ARLIS/NA Fort Worth 43rd Annual Conference

Statement of Appropriate Conduct at ARLIS/NA Conferences

The Art Libraries Society of North America holds professional conferences to provide the opportunity for participants to receive continuing education, build professional networks, and discover new products and services for professional use. ARLIS/NA is dedicated to the principles of equality, diversity, and the free expression of ideas with a fundamental respect for the rights, dignity and value of all persons. ARLIS/NA seeks to provide a harassment-free conference environment for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other group identity.

Please contact the ARLIS/NA conference manager through the ARLIS/NA conference registration desk if you believe you have been harassed or that a harassment problem exists. All such reports will be directed immediately to the ARLIS/NA President, who will determine and carry out the appropriate course of action, and who may consult with and engage other ARLIS/NA leaders and legal counsel as appropriate. Event security and/or local law enforcement may be involved, as appropriate based on the specific circumstances.