Indianapolis, Indiana | April 16-21 | Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

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Indianapolis, Indiana | April 16-21 | Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

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Convocation & Other Events

Panel Sessions

  • The Evolving Art Librarian: Convergence of our Traditional Roles| Alyssa Resnick, Moderator
  • Reaching Out & Bringing In: Understanding & Encouraging Diversity In the Library| Laura Haxer, Moderator
    • Session Overview
    • Doroty Tao: "Who are the Diverse User Groups in the 21st Century Library? What Do We Know About Them? How Can We Better Serve Them?"
    • Pnina Shachaf: "Are Virtual Reference Services Color Blind?"
    • Meredith Kahn: "Intersecting Paths & Building Relationships: Outreach Programming for Underrepresented Students in Architecture & Urban Planning"
  • Discovery on This Side of the Virtual Wall: Evolving Authority Control Resources & Techniques in the Digital Age | Rodica Tanjala Krauss, Moderator
    • Sherman Clarke: "How Do You Say 'New' in a Useful Way?"
    • Mark Bresnan: "Name Authorities: The Widening Gyre"
    • Patricia Harpring: "Cultural Objects Name Authority (CONA): A New Getty Vocabulary in Development
    • Susan Chun: "Social Tagging: Implications for Cultural Heritage Professionals"
  • Working Together, Working Better: Liaison Relationships for Art, Architecture, & Visual Resources| Meredith Kahn, Moderator
  • The Future of Art Journals| Tammy Ravas, Moderator
  • Computerized Gaming in Libraries & the Academy: Collections Development, Service Provision & Future Directions| Stephanie Krueger, Moderator
  • From Courthouse to Modern House: Historic Preservation in Indiana| Amy Trendler, Moderator
  • Off the Wall: Photography Beyong Aesthetics| Laura T. Harris, Moderator
  • Image Copyright in a Digital World| Marilyn Russell & Roger Lawson, Moderators
  • Hot & Bothered: Erotica in the Library & Museum Context| Ray Anne Lockard, Moderator
    • Session Overview
    • Allison R. Schulte: "Promoting 'Information Cruising' at the Tom of Finland Foundation"
    • Liana Zhou: "The Scientific Pursuit of Erotica: Alfred C. Kinsey's Vision & the Collections of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender & Reproduction"
  • New Voices in the Profession, 2009| Sarah Falls, Moderator
    • Erin Wilkins: "Mapping the Universe: Potential Applications for Information Visualizations Systems in Libraries"
  • Visual Literacy: What, Why, How?| Barbara Rockenbach, Moderator
  • Integrating Resources Through Collaborative Convergence| Jodie Double & Rebecca Moss, Moderators
    • Rebecca Moss: "Exploring the Use of New Technologies Such as Tineye, PicLens, IM & Twitter to Help Us Find & Identify Images & Then Share the Results"
    • Elizabeth Schaub: "Outlining the Process of Identifying Appropriate Web 2.0 Technologies for a Visual Resources Environment & Providing Examples of the Successful Implementation of a Wiki, Swiki, Flickr group, and blog"
  • Indiana Innovations: Traditional & Modern Decorative Arts| Kathy Woodrell, Moderator
  • Where Libraries & Archives Converge: Artists Files | Jon Evans, Moderator
  • When Worlds Collide: The Journey from Here to Where in VR| Margaret Webster, Moderator
  • Why is that Column in the Middle of the Room: Designing Functional, Flexible, and Forgiving Spaces for Library Instruction | Tony White, Moderator
    • Paul Glassman: "Design for Learning: Success in Creating Library Instruction Classrooms"


Poster Sessions




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