Denver, Colorado | May 1-5 | Grand Hyatt

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Denver, Colorado | May 1-5 | Grand Hyatt

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Convocation & Other Events

Panel Sessions

Session 1: Visual Pedagogy: Do you See What I See?

Session 2: New Voices in the Profession

Session 3: To 'Bay or Not to 'Bay (EBay that is!): Maximizing Online Collection Development for the Savvy Shopper

  • Terri Boccia: Order Now and Get a Free Ginsu Knife! - Strategies for Stretching Your Acquisitions Budget
  • Inge Reist: Fair-Warning: The Art of Comparative Shopping for Auction Catalogues
  • Laura Harris: Snapshot on the Market: Acquiring Photography Books Today

Session 4: Art in the Public Library

  • Alyssa Resnick: Introduction
  • Cathy Billings: First Exposures: Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Public Libraries
  • Pam Eyerdam: Building Partnerships in Art Libraries: Public and Academic Libraries
  • Mary Stark: Friend in Need? Friend Indeed! Partnerships with Friends of the Library

Session 5: Scholarly Publication and the Art/Architecture/VR Library

  • Ann Whiteside: Transforming the Librarian Paradigm in the Context of Scholarly Communication
  • Chris Sugnet: Open Access: Many Flavors in a Single Cone
  • Dietrich Nuemann: Changing Teaching and Research with Digital Media

Session 6: Scalable Digital Projects: How to Get Started with a Small Digital Project

Session 7: What's Hot & What's Not: Trends in Technologies and Services in Libraries

Session 8: Digital Asset Management in Transition

Session 9: Managing the Collective Collection

Session 11: Beyond the Traditional Archive: Preservation and Access through the Digital Repository

Session 13: Icon or Enclosure? The Architecture of the Denver Art Museum

  • Summary
  • Alan Michelson: Reception at the Designer Gallery: Four Decades of Architectural Criticism of the Denver Art Museum
  • Brit Probst: No Right Angles: Challenges in Building the Frederic C. Hamilton Building
  • Heather Nielsen: Thinking outside the Box: Re-defining the Museum Experience

Session 14: No Doubt About It, Fashion Is an Art: Fashion Research

Session 15: Effective Public Speaking and Presentations for the Art Information Professional

‚ÄčSession 17: Using Numbers and Stories for Advocacy

  • Lynda White: Introduction
  • Jeanne Brown: Telling Stories about the Library: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Depicting the Library
  • Laura Graveline: Assessment and Web Design
  • Laura Schwartz: Assessment, Is It Really Worth It?: the UT Austin Fine Arts Library, a Case Study
  • Rina Vecchiola: The Customer Centered Library: Using LibQUAL Survey Results in an Academic Branch Library.

Session 19: Bye-Bye B.I.: Innovative Approaches to Library Instruction

  • Stephanie Frontz: We Asked... We Listened... We Changed...: The Undergraduate Study at the University of Rochester
  • Jane Carlin: "Exciting Research"--An Oxymoron? Using Problem-Based Learning to Enhance Library Instruction
  • Beth Hylen: Shattering Glass Walls: The Corning Museum Breaks Out
  • Maureen Burns: Image Explosion! Outreach and Instruction Beyond the Arts

Session 20: Women Artists of the American West



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Special Interest Groups