Atlanta, Georgia | April 26-30 | Sheraton Midtown

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Atlanta, Georgia | April 26-30 | Sheraton Midtown

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Convocation & Other Events

Panel Sessions

  • Session 1: Backpack to Briefcase: Life after Library School
  • Session 2: Communication & Collaboration: Working with Faculty for Information Fluency
  • Session 3: Content Creators and their Colleagues: Facilitating Access to Digital Content in Libraries & Museums
  • Session 4: Art Libraries: New & Improved
  • Session 5: Expanding Horizons: Developing & Collecting Diverse Collections
    • Terri Boccia: "Collection Development in a Global Context: Documenting the Contemporary Art of Asia, Latin America, and Africa"
  • Session 6: Architecture of the Old South: Low Country, Back Country & the Vernacular
  • Session 7: Picturing Place: Perspectives on Photography in the South
  • Session 8: Going Outside, Coming in from the Cold: Outsourcing, Moonlighting, and Consulting
  • Session 9: Ten Years After: A Decade of Copyright Developments
  • Session 10: Power to the People: Social Tagging & Controlled Vocabularies
  • Session 13: Fine & Folk: Traditional Decorative Arts of Georgia & the Southern States
  • Session 15: Ask ARLIS/NA Discussion Session: Hot Topics for Librarians in the Arts
  • Session 16: The Evolving Data Standards Landscape: Leading the Way to Integrated Access
    • Murtha Baca: "Developing a Data Format Standard Informed by CCO: The CDWA Lite XML Schema, and Thoughts on Cross-cultural Standards & Shareable Metadata"
    • Maria Oldal: "Where the Rubber Hits the Road Cataloging Cultural Objects in Libraries"
    • Günter Waibel: "Metadata for All: Sharing across Cultural Heritage Communities"
    • Margaret Webster: "Implementing VRA Core 4.0 in Metadata Workflows"
  • Session 17: Not What You Imagined? Challenges, Choices, & Realities for the Art Librarian
  • Session 18: New Voices in the Profession 2: Papers on Arts & Visual Resources Librarianship
    • Claire Dannenbaum: "Seeing the Big Picture: the Integration of Visual Resources for Art Libraries"
    • Claudia Dold and James Ascher: "Unlocking the Stories of Serendipitous Cultural Object Collections with Digital Libraries"
    • Tang Li: "Developing a Shape and Composition CBIR Thesaurus for the Traditional Chinese Landscape"
    • Bryan Loar: "New Forms of Communication: Harnessing Collective Knowledge through Web Logs"
  • Session 19: Inside the Club: Tales from the Birth of Abstract Expressionism
  • Session 20: Atlanta & the Architecture of 20th Century Design

Poster Sessions





Round Tables

Discussion Groups, Working Groups, & User Groups