Seattle, Washington | March 8-12 | The Westin Seattle
3rd Joint conference with the Visual Resources Association

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Convocation Overview
Distinguished Service Award



Connecting the Past to the Present: Promoting Cultural Understanding through Collections and Exhibitions

Moderator: Megan Williams

Natural Connections Between Museum Libraries, Education, and Visual Literacy

Moderator: Anna Elam

Video Presentation

Terra Fluxus: Surveying the Digital Information Landscape of Environmental Design

Moderator: Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

Connecting the Dots: Using Geolocation Data To Support Interactivity and Data Visualization

Abstract | Notes
Moderator: Elizabeth Schaub

Scope Drift: New Roles and Responsibilities in Visual Resources

Moderator: Hannah Marie Marshall

Video Presentation

What We Talk about When We Talk about "Rights Management"

Moderator: Hillary S. Kativa

Around the World in 80 Minutes: A Circumnavigation of Art Library Projects, Collections, and Services in Latin America and Eastern Europe

Moderator: Christina Peter

Do It, Make It: Current Initiatives and Advice on Creating a Makerspace in Academic Libraries and Visual Resources Centers

Abstract | Intro
Moderator: Marsha Taichman

Video Presentation

E-mania! — The Present and Future of Electronic Art Book Publishing

Moderator: Carole Ann Fabian
Scholarly Publishing in the Context of Digital Art History | Murtha Baca & Emily Pugh
The Advantages (and Challenges) of Publishing Digital Catalogues Raisonnes | David Grosz
E-Mania: Insights & Overview the ARLIS/NA E-book Publishing Survey | Paula Gabbard
Chinese Paining & Calligraphy, Seattle Art Museum | Tina Lee

From Studio to Firm: Librarian Strategies to Support Materials Education and Research

Moderator: Mark Pompelia

Connecting Social Justice to the Workplace: Issues of Diversity in Our Professional Lives

Moderator: Lesley Chapman

Duty Now for the Future: Connecting Libraries, Library Schools, and New Librarians through Internships

Moderator: William Blueher

Video Presentation

RDF and LOD in Use Today

Moderator: Julia Simic

Reshaping Library Instruction within Art & Design Education: Experimenting and implementing the Info Lit Framework

Moderator: Chizu Morihara

Contemporary Glass: Seattle and Beyond

Moderators: Beth Hylen, Perry Price

Diversity Forum

Moderator: Kai Alexis Smith. Facilitator: Mary Evangeliste

Engaging Technologies: Change the Way Visual and Print Resources are Used and Discovered through Media-Rich Software and Technologies

Moderator: Denise Massa

Building New Models: Library as Learning Lab

Moderator: Jessica Aberle

Charmed, I'm Sure: Introducing New Users to Libraries and Visual Resources Collections

Moderator: Amy Trendler

Engaging the School: Making Scholarship Visible

Moderator: Beth Dodd

Managing the Many Makers of Media: Timely Tools and Tactics

Moderator: Maureen Burns

New Voices in the Profession

Moderator: Karen Stafford, Caley Cannon

Connecting Collections on the Open Web: Arquigrafia, PHAROS, and Florentine Renaissance Drawings: A Linked Catalogue for the Semantic Web

Moderator: Alexandra Provo

Creating Library Learning Ecologies

Moderator: Marilyn Russell

Demonstrating Relevance: Reinforcing the Value of the Art and Architecture Library through Outreach and Assessment


Crowdsourcing Contemporary Art: The D. James Dee Archive


Lightning Round: Co-Constructing and Documenting Place

Moderator: Mar González Palacios

The Web Sits For Its Portrait: Web Archiving Process and Product

Moderator: Mark Bresnan

Unlocking Images, Ideas, and Content: Open Access Images as a Key to Enabling Art and Scholarly Innovation

Moderators: Bridget Madden & Alexander Watkins

Puget Sound Book Artists

Moderators: Jane Carlin & Amanda Clark

Engaging Change: Thriving amidst Shifting Library Landscapes


Presidents' Session: Conference Capstone

Moderators: Elaine Paul & Kristen Regina

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Uktena Monster: Subject Cataloging for Images

Moderator: Karen Kessel

Lightning Round: Evolving Architectural Collections and Connections




Incorporating Common Core into Digital Collection's Metadata: Using Controlled Vocabulary to Tag Primary Resources for Educators | Jess Short, Digital Materials Librarian Supervisor, Tennessee State Library and Archives

Sharing Knowledge within New Learning Models : Art History eProject | Edith-Anne Pageot, Professor and Independent Scholar, University of Ottawa

Theft or Fair Use? Artists Navigate Appropriation on Instagram | Lauren Gottlieb-Miller, Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin – Madison

#MugLibrary : A Ceramic Experiment | Ann Lindell, Head, Architecture & Fine Arts Library, University of Florida and Bridget Fairbank, MFA Candidate, University of Florida

Art and Design Student Inspiration and Tutorial Project: A Means to Supplement and Enhance Core Instruction and Facilitate Lifelong Learning | John Burns, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Adjunct Digital Design Instructor, Dixie State University

Magic the (Library) Gathering: Designing and Publicizing a Personal Librarian Program | Eva Sclippa, Art Librarian and Coordinator of Instruction, Scholes Library at Alfred University

Revisions and Recommendations: Building Effective Research Guides | Patricia Gimenez, Research and Instruction Librarian, Savannah College of Art and Design

Preserving German-Jewish Periodicals at the Leo Baeck Institute | Lauren Paustian, Associate Librarian for Technical Services, Leo Baeck Institute

Science in the Studio - CCA Libraries' science equipment collection | Teri Dowling, Associate Director of Libraries, California College of the Arts

Ethical Image Use as Visual Literacy: Fresh Ideas and Adaptive Approaches for Instruction | Melissa Coulston, Student, University of South Carolina

DIMLI and the Getty: Cape Crusaders for Linked Open Data | Millie Fullmer, Visual Resources Curator Assistant, Vanderbilt University

Against the Odds: Developing and Promoting a New Zine Collection | Andrew Wang, Student/Library Coordinator, Indiana University

Working with what you have: Revitalizing a congressional exhibit space utilizing visual materials | Leah Rios, Assistant Archivist, Center for Creative Photography and Maurita Baldock, Assistant Librarian and Archivist, University of Arizona Special Collections

Better Together: Connecting resources for Comic artists & their readers through creative local cataloging practice | Kay Kroeff Streng, Technical Services Librarian, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Academic Library Outreach within the Greater Community: Fostering Relationships outside of the Academic Institution Fostering Relationships outside of the Academic Institution | Monica Kenzie, Architecture, Art and Design Librarian, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Preserving Peeler's Photographic Legacy | Chelly Tavss, Photo Archivist Librarian, Johnson C. Smith University

Linked Open Data for Artists' Books: a Pilot at UCI | Emilee Mathews, Research Librarian for Visual Arts, University of California, Irvine

An Archive for the Artist, An Archive for the Scholar: Empowering Artists and Facilitating Research and Teaching through Art Archives Outreach | Kimberley Henze, Learning From Artists' Archives Fellow, SILS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Creating and preserving collections: Collaborative projects across organizational lines | Bethany Davis, Digital Processing Coordinator Librarian, University of Iowa Libraries and Sarah Luko, Registrarial Assistant, University of Iowa Museum of Art

I Spy With my Little Eye: Connecting Libraries and Art Through Storytime | Gwen Mayhew, Assistant Museum Librarian, Instruction and Interlibrary Services, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Naomi Niles, Associate Museum Librarian, Nolen Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art

From Paper to Pixels: Digitizing Artists' Books at MassArt to Promote Physical Interaction | Caitlin Pereira, Visual Resources Librarian, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Abi Sweeny, Librarian, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Greg Wallace, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Making Queer Materials Accessible in the Art Library | Sylvia Page, Librarian, Memphis College of Art

Then and Now: most vital books in a design education | Robert Adams, Manager of Collection Development and Outreach, Boston Architectural College Library

Looking for Mormon Artists in the Crowd | Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey, Fine Arts Librarian, Brigham Young University

Connecting to the world of Linked Open Data through the VRA Core RDF Ontology | Trish Rose-Sandler, Data Project Coordinator, Missouri Botanical Garden

Consejos, respeto, educación, y familia: How Chicana/o picturebooks reflect pedagogies of the home through art and narrative | Lettycia Terrones, Education Librarian, California State University, Fullerton Pollak Library

Finding Art through Pinterest - Could curators do more with this tool? A visual call for more discussion on collecting digital images on the open web | Julia Z. Deal, Curator, Visual Resource Collection, Davidson College

Art Instead of Just Images: Training Students to See Beyond the Screen | Lael J. Ensor, Assistant Curator, Visual Resources Collection, Johns Hopkins University

Enhancing and Promoting Visual Studies: CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellows in Data Curation | Louisa Kwasigroch, Director of Development and Outreach, Council on Library and Information Resources | Digital Library Federation

Documenting the Ephemera: exhibitions history | Isabel Ayres Maringelli, Head of Library and Museum Archives, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

"Deselection" vs. "Weeding": A Systematic Approach to Collection Management | Terrie Wilson, Art Librarian and Head, Fine Arts Library, Michigan State University

Archival Visual Resources in the Interdisciplinary Classroom: Strategies for Successful Partnerships | Jillian Ewalt, Librarian/Archivist, University of Dayton

E-newsletters for Art Libraries | Dana Hart, Manager for Library Administration, Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Leah High, Assistant Museum Librarian Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rebranding your library's blog: seeking connections within the arts community | Beverly Mitchell, Art and Dance Librarian, Southern Methodist University, Sara Outhier, Digital Media Librarian, Hamon Arts Library, Southern Methodist University and Mariza Morin, Stacks Manager, Hamon Arts Library, Southern Methodist University

Understanding the Self-Archiving Practices of Comics Artists | Stephanie Grimm, Research and Instruction Librarian, Savannah College of Art and Design

Eroding Barriers : Creating User-Centered Learning Spaces for Visual Resources | Tiffany Baglier, Assistant Head - Education Library, University of Florida and Tom Caswell, Assistant Head - Architecture & Fine Arts Library, University of Florida

Outreach Through Collections: A Collaborative Design Project | Alex McAllister, Humanities Librarian, Appalachian State University and Greta Browning, Reference Archivist/Librarian and Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts in Special Collections, Appalachian State University

Look, Learn, Create! Retailing Meets Library Book Displays | Carla-Mae Crookendale, Visual Arts Research Librarian, Virgnia Commonwealth University

Artists' Book Contest: Connecting with Students and Building a More Diverse Collection | Claudia Covert, Special Collections Librarian, Rhode Island School of Design

Paranormal Activity in the Library | Krista Ivy, Reference + Instruction Librarian, University of California, Riverside