New York City, New York | February 25-March 1 | New York Hilton Midtown

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Special Events

Distinguished Service Award


Monday, February 26, 9:45am

Video Presentation

Born-digital and Other E-journals in Art History: Crossing Boundaries Among Art Historians, Editors, and Librarians
  • The Art History Journal Unbound: An Editor’s Perspective on an Evolving Readership | Elizabeth L. Block
  • Creating a Born-Digital Journal for Art History: Objectives, Challenges, and Lessons | Martina Droth
  • Indexing for Access: How Librarians Can Help Situate E-journals Online | Alexandra Provo
  • Preservation Management in E-journals: What Are We Doing to Fix Links and Archive Resources and Are We Doing Enough? | Isabel L. Taube
New Voices in the Profession
Reaching Out and Showing Off: Exhibitions and Collections in Academic Libraries

Sponsored by IvoryPress

Zines: Exploring Projects and Perspectives Across Institutions

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Monday, February 26, 11:15am

Crashing the IR Party: Artists as Scholars in Institutional Repositories
Design Thinking for Libraries: strategies, tools and a case study
  • Jennifer Martinez Wormser
  • Rebecca Barham
  • Susan Smith
  • Deb Verhoff
Strategic Library Exhibitions: Engagement, Outreach, and Innovation
  • Building Bridges, Creating Partnerships, and Elevating the Arts: Low Cost, High Impact Exhibition Spaces at the Rutgers University Art Library | Megan Lotts
  • Creating Exhibits to Promote Library Collections | Nancy Hampton
  • Curating to Connect: Enhancing Curriculum and Campus Relationships Through Exhibits | Caitlin McGurk
  • Exhibitions: Engaging Students / Emphasizing Research | Alex Regan 
The Labor of Curiosity: Expanded Practices of Artists and Librarians

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  • Kate Joranson
  • Marc Dombrosky
  • Lareese Hall

Monday, February 26, 1:45pm

Different by Design: How Art Librarians are Undertaking User Experience
  • Continuous Design: The SVA Library's Iterative Website | Phoebe Stein and David Pemberton
  • Form Ever Follows Function: Takeaways From Redesigning a Library Discovery System | Matthew Garklavs
  • The User Isn't Broken: Applying User Experience Design to Library Guides | Kaitlin Springmier
  • Primo User Interface Redesign Project: From Concept to Launch | Susan Flanagan
  • Hard Refresh: Redesigning a Data Driven Collection Search | Nick Curotto 
Diversity Forum
  • A workshop on bias in the workplace | Project Implicit

Video Presentation

Finding a Better Balance: Personal and Institutional Solutions to the Contemporary Work/Life Crisis in Libraries, Archives, and Museums
  • Jill E. Luedke
  • Kathleen Christensen
  • Rachael Ellison
  • Amy Furness
  • Carla Moquin
Pushing the Boundaries: Teaching and Learning outside the Classroom

Tuesday, February 27, 11:30am

Accessing Visual Culture: Deconstructing the Intellectual and Physical Challenges of Making Visual Content Accessible for Researchers
  • Piecebooks, Flicks, and Burners -- Talking about Graffiti | Jerrold Shiroma
  • Revealing Visual Culture: Digitizing Modern Illustrated Periodical Tear Sheets in the Walt Reed Illustration Archive | Skye Lacerte and Andrea Degener
  • Taking Visual Materials ‘Out of Bounds’: Using Our Visual Collections to Teach Information Literacy Outside the Arts Curriculum | Peggy Keeran, Jennifer Bowers, Katherine Crowe, and Kristen Korfitzen 
Everything Old is New: Metadata Migration and Enrichment
The Future of the Catalogue Raisonné: Artist Legacy, Accessibility, Preservation of Data and Distribution
  • A general introduction to Artifex Press | Artifex Press 

Tuesday, February 27, 1:30pm

Library Collections and Object-based Learning in the Art and Design Curriculum
  • The Exotic Familiar: The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab and the Web of Making and Knowledge | Lareese Hall
  • Tactile Literacy: Vital Skills in a Digital Age | Rebecca Price
  • De-Objectifying Collections | Jen Wong
  • Creativity & Materials Collections: Supporting Arts Based Research through Haptic Learning | Christopher Jones
  • Object-based Collections Supporting Art + Design Pedagogy | Annemarie Haar
NDSR Art: Developing Cross-Institutional Strategies for Sustained Access to GLAM Assets
Solo Problem Solvers: Finding a Voice and Building Resources as a Solo Professional
  • No Need to Plead: Advocacy and the Solo Librarian | Traci Timmons
  • The Pseudo-Solo Librarian: An Art Gallery Librarian in a Global Gallery System | Arielle Cohen
  • Life Comes First: A Solo Librarian’s Balance of Life and Work | Cindy Frank
  • Seeking Out and Cultivating Partnerships | Elsa Loftis
  • Don't Do it Alone: Working with Volunteers and Graduate Students | John Stucky
  • Work with What You've Got: Creative Staffing Solutions | Micki Harrington 

Video Presentation

Thinking Outside the (Library) Box: Using Your Librarian Skills for the Public Good
  • A panel discussion recorded for the virtual conference / ARLIS/NA Learning Portal | Siân Evans, Nora Almeida, Sherry Antoine, Alice Backer, Jenna Freedman, Lia Friedman, Heather Hart, and Jen Hoyer 

Tuesday, February 27, 3:15pm

Video Presentation

Common Ground: Provenance Research Agendas in Libraries, Archives and Museums
  • Samantha Deutch
  • Louis Adrean
  • Philip Dombowsky
  • Rodica Tanjala Krauss
  • Catherine Larkin
  • Lynn Rother
  • ARLIS/NA International Relations Committee
Libraries Resist
Photography and Books across Boundaries in Art Libraries, Archives, and Museum Collections

Sponsored by IvoryPress

The Outcome of the ARTFRAME Project, a Domain-Specific BIBFRAME Exploration

Sponsored by Casalini Libri, Fiesole, Italy

  • Maria Oldal
  • Amber Billey
  • Jason Kovari
  • Marie-Chantal L'Ecuyer-Coelho
  • Melanie Wacker

Wednesday, February 28, 9:45am

Big Changes, Big Moves, Smaller Footprints: Strategies for Rightsizing the Onsite Print Collection for the 21st Century Library
Boundless: Digital Publishing and Online Scholarship
Copyright Assessment in the Trenches: Workflow, Tools, Metadata, and more
  • Deborah Kempe
  • Megan De Armond
  • Greg Cram
  • Rina Elster Pantalony
  • Victoria Pilato
Thinking Outside the Bounds of the Typical Library: A Spotlight on Three New York City-Based Libraries and Archives
  • Erin Barsan
  • Anthony Cocciolo
  • Emily Drabinski
  • Esther McGowan
  • Branden Wallace

Wednesday, February 28, 11:15am

#artlibraries: Taking the Pulse of Social Media in Art Library Environments
Fashion & Textile Lightning Talks
  • An Unlikely Second Act: Overseeing the Evolution of a Textile Library as a Solo Librarian | Lynora Williams
  • #FASHIONLIBRARIANSHIP: A Case Study on the Use of Instagram in a Specialized Museum Library Collection | Julie Lê
  • Crossing the Threshold: Innovations in Information Literacy | Alexandra Duncan
  • Many Hands: Cross-Department Collaboration in Processing the Charles James Papers at The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Celia Hartmann
  • Stylish Scholarship: Historical Fashion Forecast Archives at the Fashion Institute of Technology Library | Lana Bittman
  • Fashionable E-Resources for Academics and Industry-Insiders | Sandra Ley
PHAROS: The Photo Archive Re-Imagined for Digital Art History

Sponsored by the Frick Art Reference Library

  • The Metamorphosis of Photoarchives from Paper to Pixels | Gregory P. J. Most
  • From Tactile to Virtual: The Long Road to Discovery for the Photo Archives of the Yale Center for British Art | Kraig Binkowski and Melissa Fournier
  • Harnessing Technology for Art History: Image Recognition, CIDOC-CRM and PHAROS | Louisa Wood Ruby
  • (mass)Digitizing the Berenson Photo archive at Villa I Tatti: Metadata Creation, Enrichment, and Discovery | Lukas Klic 
President’s Choice: "Moving from Diversity on Paper to Equity in Action"
  • Moving from Diversity on Paper to Equity in Action | Nasha Taylor and Melinda Brown

Wednesday, February 28, 1:45pm

A Value Proposition: Understanding Distinctive, Special, and Archival Collections
Scope Drift: Blending and Rebranding in Visual Resources
Stimulating Creativity in Practice: Incorporating Creative Practice into the Academic Library
The Indispensable Art Museum Library: Challenges and Solutions for Change

Sponsored by Michael Weintraub, Inc.


  1. Working with Wikipedia , Art + Feminism + More | Gabrielle Reed
  2. Doing Artists Books: Creating a Book Arts Studio in the Library | Jamie Vander Broek
  3. X Degrees of Separation: Using Google Art Experiments in Visual and Information Literacy |  Marianne Williams
  4. The Model Publishing Contract for Digital Scholarship | Meredith Kahn
  5. Linked Data for Cultural Heritage: Comparing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Fuseki, OpenRefine and Silk for Reconciliation against Getty’s Art and Architecture Thesaurus | Luiza Wainer
  6. Copyright Out of Bounds | Stephen Marvin
  7. ARIES: ARt Image Exploration Space | Samantha Deutch and Louisa Wood Ruby
  8. Preservation, Control, and Access for Born-Digital Theses | Mike Satalof
  9. Building for Tomorrow: Collaborative Development of Sustainable Infrastructure for Architectural and Design Documentation | Ann Baird Whiteside
  10. Experiencing VR: Facilitating Information and Visual Literacy Through Virtual Reality Technologies | Claire Powell
  11. The Artist Is Reading | Lindsey Reynolds
  12. Decker Library Erotic Collection | Kelly Swickard
  13. It Takes a Village: A Catalog Redesigned | Jill Kehoe and Seth Persons
  14. Outside the Box: Using Active Learning for Student Staff Reference Training | Sara DeWaay and Karen Bankole
  15. Digital Connections: Reuniting the Marjorie Merriweather Post Papers | Abby Stambach
  16. Librarian by Design - Embedded Information Literacy | Vanessa Viola
  17. Library / Exhibition, Case study: Mieczysław Porębski Library | Magdalena Mazik, Anna Pyzik, Marta Mosiolek, and Rafal Sosin
  18. Living legacy: Controlled Vocabularies, Subject Matter Description, and Indigenous Visual Culture in Libraries and Museums | Michele Jennings
  19. Vincent van Gogh Knowledge Hub: The Future of the Van Gogh Museum Library | Anita Vriend
  20. MYOB: Make Your Own Book | Delia Tash
  21. Accessing Virtual Reality in the Library | Peter Schreiner
  22. Creating Guidelines for Provenance Research | Ellen Faletti
  23. Using Omeka to Collaborate with Students in a Curatorial Practicum | Iris Finkel and Steven Kowalik
  24. Mining the Library: Bringing Precious Materials into New Light | Christiane Ramsey
  25. Know Your Art Meme: Teaching Web Literacy and Art through Mozilla's Framework | Cory Budden
  26. Design Matters in the Transit Library: Intersecting Art and Design | Bronwyn Dorhofer
  27. Housing Non-traditional Special Collections Materials: A Candle Story | Katy Parker
  28. A Museum Libraries Network: An Old But Relevant Way to Expand the Boundaries of Art Librarianship | Marie-Laëtitia Lachèvre and Valerie Chanut-Humbert
  29. Construct, Collect, Connect: Building a Space and Catalog for the Fisher Fine Arts Material Sample Collection | Patricia Guardiola
  30. An Art Librarian’s Contributions to the Digital Exploration of Lewis Lindsay Dyche’s Panorama | Andi Back
  31. A Librarian's Reflection on Collaboration in Cuba | Jill Chisnell
  32. Linked Collections and Enhancement Ecosystems | Duane Degler
  33. Integrated Pest Management Planning at Thomas J. Watson Library | Andrijana Sajic and Jenny Davis