Salt Lake City, Utah | March 26-30 | The Grand America Hotel

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Special Events

Distinguished Service Award
DIversity Forum


Wednesday, March 27, 9:00–10:20am

  1. Catalogers' Judgements: Ethical Cataloging and Artists from Underrepresented Groups

    Video Presentation

    Moderator: Andrea Puccio
    Indigenous Peoples: Decolonizing Cataloging in the 21st Century + handoutAllison Colborne
    Representing Works by Women Artists: Compromise and Context in Migrated Digital CollectionsMeredith Hale
    Improving Keyword Access and Enhancing Discoverability of Diverse Art Resources in Library CatalogsTreshani Perera
    Zine Creators & the Use of Pseudonyms or “Hey don’t Expose me”: Case Study of Ethical Cataloging for Privacy ProtectionKelly Swickard
    (Trying to) Give Meaning to the Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera Digital CollectionLuiza Wainer  
  2. Insightful Ecology, Using the Arts to Incite Conversation: Art & Ecology in the Library
    Moderator: Debra A. Riley-Huff
    Insightful Ecology, Using the Arts to Incite Conversation: A Case Study in Library InstructionStephanie Beene and Amy Jankowski
    Art, Ecology, and Social TransformationSubhankar Banerjee
    Paisley Rekdal   
  3. It's About Time: Open Educational Resources and the Arts
    Moderator: Ian McDermott, Emily Coxe
    John Hilton III
    Shira Loev Eller
  4. SIG Lightning Round
    Moderator: Breanne Crumpton   
  5. Visual Literacy as a Pedagogical Tool: Photography and Beyond
    Moderator: Robert Gore
    Photography and Migration at Colby College + bibliography | Margaret Donelian Ericson
    Photo Literacy and Undergraduate Students | Robert Gore
    Visual Literacy as a Pedagogical Tool: Photography and Beyond | Bridget Nowlin
    Micki Harrington

Wednesday, March 27, 1:30–2:50pm 

  1. Assess Don't Assume: What Gets Considered When Choosing Print vs. Digital

    Video Presentation

    Moderator: Andi Back
    Printed & Digital Books: What we Know, How We DealDeborah Ultan
    Assessing “Screen Inferiority”Alan Michelson
    In Plain Sight: Re-immersing Ourselves in the Print Reference CollectionAnnalise Welte and Gwen Mayhew
    Active Collecting for Strength in the Twenty-first CenturyEmily Winthrop
    Facsimile Finder for LibrariesGiovanni Scorcioni and Kiana Jones
  2. Expanded Practice: Implementing Alt Text and Net Art Preservation in Digital Collections
    Moderator: Molly Szymanski
    Amye McCarther
    Expanded Practice: Enhanced Usage of Alt Text in Digital CollectionsCourtney Yevich Tkacz  
  3. First Year Insight: Disrupting Assumptions about Research in Art & Design
    Moderator: Linden How
    First-Year Insight: Disrupting Assumptions about Research in Art & Design | Siân Evans, Shannon Marie Robinson, and Mackenzie Salisbury   
  4. Social Justice Frameworks and Special Collections in Practice
    Moderator: Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez 
    Finding Marginalized Artists in the Public DomainCory Budden
    Ghosts in the Archive: Seeking evidence Beyond the Frame of Institutional HistoryKatherine Cowan
    Heidi Herr    
  5. You, Too, Can Write a Review: Demystifying the Library Resource Review Process
    Moderator: Melanie Emerson
    You, Too, Can Write a Review! + handout 1 + handout 2 | Melanie Emerson, Gabriella Karl-Johnson, Alexandra Provo, Amy Trendler, Terrie Wilson, Olivia Miller Piepmeier, Tara Spies Smith, and Andrew Wang

Wednesday, March 27, 4:10–5:30pm

  1. Getting Started with Collections as Data
    Moderator: Kelly Davis 
    Collections as Data + handout 1, handout 2, handout 3 | Stacy R. Williams, Cheryl Miller, Rebecca Menendez, and Andrzej Rutkowski
  2. In Process: Subverting and Dismantling Institutional Hegemony in Libraries
    Moderator: Michele Jennings 
    Amplifying Radical Voices: POP-UP STYLESamuel T. Barber
    Indigenization/Decolonization of Instruction, Spaces & Collections at the Musagetes Architecture LibraryEvan Schilling
    Ashley Hosbach
    Kimberly Lesley
    Kevin Whiteneir    
  3. Inciting Learning by Doing: Bringing Active Learning into Your Classroom
    Moderator: Eva Sclippa
    Inciting Learning by Doing: Bringing Active Learning Into Your Classroom + handout | Eva Sclippa, Ginny Moran, Courtney Baron, Olivia Miller Piepmeier, Sara Quimby, Shannon Marie Robinson  
  4. Insight and Impact: Thriving as a Solo Art Information Professional
    Moderator: Amanda McKnight 
    Canva: A Tool for the Solo Librarian’s Outreach ToolboxAbby Stambach
    Interdepartmental Collaborations and the Solo LibrarianLauren Gottlieb-Miller   
    Amye McCarther
    John Burns
    Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez
  5. Now You See it, Now You Don't: Accessing Design Work
    Moderator: Rebecca Price
    Rebecca Price
    Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez

Thursday, March 28, 9:50–10:50am

  1. Assessment in Art Libraries
    Moderator: Kathy Edwards 
    Are You Picking Up What They’re Putting Down? Inciting Change with Student InsightsCarla-Mae Crookendale
    Ask, Analyze, Assess: Insights into New Library Spaces at Ringling College of Art + DesignClaire Powell and Kristina Keogh
    Research Practices of Humanists: Implications for Library Design, Collections, and ServicesDonald Juedes
  2. Caregivers in Sight: Normalizing Parenting and Caregiving at Your Library

    Video Presentation

    Moderators: Karyn Hinkle, Stephanie Fletcher
    Keynote: Caregivers in Sight | Kat Martinez
    Panel:Kate Joranson
    Sonja Staum Lehman
    Gwen Mayhew
    Ian McDermott   
  3. From Street Art in VR to Researching “Composita”: Collaborative Digital Approaches for the Win
    Moderator: Amy Hunsaker
    Reno Street Art in Virtual RealityAmy Hunsaker and Laura Rocke
    Face Detection::Collaboration + handout | Debra Riley-Huff
  4. Museum Library Futures
    Moderator: Lauren Gottlieb-Miller
    Lauren Gottlieb-Miller
    Lee Ceperich
    Amy Furness
    Alison Huftalen
    Catherine Robertson  
  5. NDSR Art: Developing Cross-Institutional Digital Preservation Strategies for GLAM Assets
    Moderator: Karina Wratschko
    Introduction | Kristen Regina 
    Digital Archiving Non-Traditional Art and Design Theses Work | Jennifer Ferretti and Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez 
    Capturing the Museum Experience: Saving Electronic Media in the Galleries | Alvin Dantes and Molly Szymanski
    Preservation and Access of Digital Audiovisual Assets at the Guggenheim | Tali Han and Jean Moylan 
    Something Old, Something New: Born-digital Artist’s Materials in the Archive and the Studio | Ben Fino-Radin and Rachel M. Ward 

Thursday, March 28th, 11:00am–12:00pm 

  1. Better to Receive?: Approaches to Building, Managing, and Promoting Artist Files Collections
    Moderator: Anne Evenhaugen
    Anne Evenhaugen
    Alexandra Reigle
    Keli Rylance
    Karen Stafford
    Anna Cohen Tomlinson  
  2. Building Support Systems for Collections-Based Scholarship
    Moderator: Juliet Vinegra 
    Building Support Systems for Collections-based Scholarship | Kristen Regina, Karina Wratschko, Juliet Vinegra, Jessica Breiman, and Alana Wolf-Johnson 
  3. Insights for the Future: Exploring Trends and Issues in Academic Art Libraries
    Moderators: Becca Pad
    State of Academic Art Libraries 2019 Report + handout | Andi Back, Caley Cannon, Ginny Moran, and Becca Pad
  4. Material Culture in Utah and the West: Insights from Decorative and Fine Arts Objects
    Moderators: Katie Monroe, Kathy Woodrell
    Leslie Anderson
    Adrienne Decker
    Richard Oman
  5. Multimodality on Display: Expanding the Methods of Exhibitions in Libraries and Museums
    Moderator: Stefanie Hilles 
    McGill@Expo67: Four Sites for Exploration | Jennifer Garland
    The Electronic Exhibition Space: A Catalyst for Engagement and Inquiry | Yuki Hibben
    Exhibitions as Data: Exploiting a New Modality | Jonathan Lill

Thursday, March 28, 1:30–2:50pm 

  1. Creative Insight: Using Art + Critical Design Practices for Libraries Future Thinking
    Moderator: Ashley Peterson
    Creative Insight: Using Art + Critical Design Practices for Libraries Future Thinking | Shannon Marie Robinson and Mackenzie Salisbury   
  2. Digital & Diverse Collections: Creation, Management, Development
    Moderator: Jean Moylan 
    Jean Moylan
    Deborah Ultan
    Christina Peter
    Tomas Rene   
  3. Off/Site: Lesson Planning Inspired by Archival, Studio, and Online Environments
    Moderator: Micki Harrington
    Micki Harrington
    Ika Jorum
    Kaitlyn Parker
    Claire Powell   
  4. Strategic Collision: Innovative Teaching with Artists' Books
    Moderator: Sarah Carter
    Strategic Collision: Innovative Teaching with Artists’ BooksAllie McCormack and Sha Towers
    Activating Book Art for Students Through World Art Themes and Examining the Art Library as a Site for Collecting, Preserving, and Curating Art
    Kiana Jones
    Inciting Cross-Arts Engagement to Create New Design Thinking InsightsSha Towers   
  5. Within Sight: Collaborations Across Institutional and Geographic Borders
    Moderator: Emily Coxe 
    An International Collaboration: How Sharing Resources Resulted in a Unique DiscoveryElisa Hansen and Marie-Laetitia Lachévre
    Landscape, Land Art, & the American West | Todd Samuelson and Whitney Tassie
    Grassroots Consortial Collaboration Building: CSU Arts and Performing Arts Librarians Research Report OutLaurel Bliss, Ann Roll, and Kai Alexis Smith

Thursday, March 28, 3:00–4:20pm 

  1. Career Development Panel
    Moderator: Michelle Wilson
    Michelle Wilson
    Carly Diab
    Suz Massen
    Heather Gendron 
  2. New Voices in the Profession
    Moderators: Meredith Hale, Olivia Miller Piepmeier
    Institutional Interoperability: The Andy Warhol Photography Collection at Stanford University as Case StudyDianne Weinthal
    Fairy Tales and the Five-Year Plan: A Digital Exhibit of Fifty Rare Russian Children's Books Selected, Digitized, and Contextualized  | Kirsten Painter
    The Visitor Experience: Understanding Student’s Experience of the African Art Gallery at the Ackland Art MuseumRenee Bedard
    You Can’t Use What You Can’t Find: Promoting Discovery, Access, and Use of Public ArtKristina Bush   
  3. Sightlines on Cultural Appropriation In Our Libraries and Communities

    Video Presentation

    Moderator: Katherine Cowan
    Share, See, Make: Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation Across An Art & Design School Community | Katherine Cowan
    The Cultural Exchange Market in Visual Literacy | Millicent Fullmer
    No Private Matter: Library Sightlines on Culture and Appropriation | Barbara Hackett Cox and Deborah Ultan
    How to Move Towards an Era of Reconciliation and De-Colonization: Art, Museums and the Academy | Liv Valmestad
    Racism Hidden in Beauty | Franci Taylor   
  4. Together in the Archive: Building Collaborative Relationships between Archivists and Librarians
    Moderator: Ashley Hinshaw
    Together in the Archives: Building Collaborative Relationships Between Archivists & Librarians | Courtenay McLeland, Jennifer Martinez Wormser, Kaitlyn Parker, Allie McCormack, and Stefanie Hilles

Friday, March 29, 2:00–3:20pm  

  1. Architecture Networks: Building Connections Between Collections
    Moderator: Aimee Lind
    Built to Last: Cataloging Architectural Heritage Information Using CONA and ULANRobin Johnson
    Built Works Registry: Global IDs for Architecture and the Built EnvironmentMargaret Smithglass
    Development of the Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD), 2002-2019Alan Michelson
    Arches Cultural Heritage Data Management PlatformAnnabel Lee Enriquez   
  2. Find Yourself: Developing a Professional Identity in Art Librarianship
    Moderator: Vaughan Hennen
    “Giving in to the Stigma”: Why it’s not that SimpleDelia Tash
    New Job, Who Dis? On Addressing Ageism, Peer Isolation, and Other Fun Things in Your (Next) JobDiane Dias De Fazio
    You’re Welcome: How We’re Inviting Folks into Arts LibrarianshipMarianne Williams   
  3. Leadership Focus: Training and Certification
    Moderators: Laura Schwartz, Kim Collins, and Lauren MacDonald
    Leadership Focus: Training and Certification | Sylvia Roberts, Stephanie Grimm, and Courtney Baron
  4. The Spiral Jetty Partnership
    Moderator: Whitney Tassie
    The Spiral Jetty Partnership | Laura Ault, Bonnie Baxter, Kelly Kivland, and Whitney Tassie


Session Abstracts 

  1. Revitalizing Online Presence and Identity: Creating and Implementing a Six-Month Social Media Plan | Alex O’Keefe
  2. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Exploring New Possibilities for Art Information and Collaborations | Kristen Regina & Karina Wratschko
  3. Reading Pain: Artists’ Books and the Aesthetics of Women in Anguish | Amanda C. R. Clark & Sophia Du Val
  4. Hybrid Symbols of Identity and the Royal Chicano Air Force Poster Collection | Anna Harper & Summer Ventis
  5. DIY Feminism: Grrrl Zines in the Third Wave | Autumn Wetli
  6. Because it’s 2018: Supporting Multimodal Projects in the Library | Emily Thompson & Jenn Stewart
  7. Animating an Ongoing Partnership | Emily Thompson & Katie Hargrave
  8. Wikipedia as a Platform to Teach the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education | Courtney Baron
  9. Songs and Flowers of the Wasatch: A 19th century Utah artist's book? | Elizabeth Smart
  10. Roving Reference for Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors | Heather Saunders
  11. Apparition or Icon? Integrating Critical Visual Literacy into Primary Source Instruction | Jillian Ewalt
  12. Meet the University of the Arts Zine Collection | Kathryn Coyle
  13. Extra-curricular Engagements: A case for provocative displays | Kathy Edwards
  14. Fairytales & the Five-Year Plan: An Online Exhibit of Rare Russian Children's Books at University of Washington Special Collections | Kirsten Painter
  15. Art in Sight: Art Acquisition, Exhibition, Promotion, and Advocacy in Academic Libraries | Laura Thompson
  16. Art E-book Usage Patterns at an Academic Library | Mary Anne Dyer
  17. Diary of an early career art librarian: Bullet journaling and the mediation of past, present, and future | Michele Jennings
  18. The Art Fund of The Belgrade City Library | Olivera Nastić
  19. Information Visualization and the Interpretive Frames Offered by Artists’ Books | Regina Pagani & Steven Braun
  20. UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art - Art Press Collection | Richard J.W. Zwiercan
  21. #PoetryatPUL: Digital Outreach with Visual Poetry Collections | Sarah Hamerman
  22. Preserving and Disseminating Student-Created Video Games in Academic and Research Libraries | Tallie Casucci & Anne Morrow
  23. Developing Workflows and Procedures for Artifact Photography and Cataloging at Brooklyn Historical Society | Tess Colwell & Anna Schwartz
  24. Demystifying the Thesis: Visualization Science Graduate Students at Texas A&M University | Tina Budzise-Weaver
  25. Getty's Art and Architecture Thesaurus® for the art libraries in Antwerp : a local collaboration going global | Ute Staes
  26. A Picture (Of Data) Is Worth a Thousand Words | William Blueher & Michael Cummings
  27. Thousands of Objects, Two Buildings, One Project: Merging Museum/Library Practices | Jessica Breiman & Alana Wolf Johnson
  28. Redefining Access to Visual Art | Annie Sollinger

Vendor Talks 

Moderator: Dan Lipcan

  1. Featured Vendor Talks 1
    Yale University Press
    Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir
    i2S- LIMB Gallery
  2. Featured Vendor Talks 2
    Shogakukan, Inc.
    Pre-Launch Presentation of Oplontis: Villa A (of Poppaea) at Torre Annunziata, Italy Vol. 2 The Decorations | ACLS Humanities E-Book 
  3. Featured Vendor Talks 3
    East View Information Services
    Activating Your Space to Increase Engagement and Attract New Audiences | Visionaire