Fort Worth, Texas | March 19-23 | Omni Fort Worth
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Distinguished Service Award


What Can I Do With This Image?
Sharing the Reins: New Angles on Instruction
Visualizing the New Frontier: Recent Advances in Image Recognition Technology
Customizing Services to Meet Patron Needs
Hitch Your Wagon: Mentoring Everywhere
  • Hitch Your Wagon: Mentoring Everywhere | Maggie Portis, Heather Slania, Eric M. Wolf, V. Heidi Hass, Kim Collins, & Kai Alexis Smith
Library Services for Working Artists: Beyond Research to the New Frontier of Practice
1 + 1 = 3 (The sum IS more than the parts.) : Connections Within and Between Texas Digital Collections
Future of Art Bibliography: Sustaining Collaboration in an Evolving Landscape
This Town is Big Enough for All of Us: Managing Assets Across an Organization
Creating New Worlds: The Digital Humanities and the Future of Art Research Methodologies
  • Reading Requires Seeing: Teaching Computers to See Texts | Neal Audenaert
  • Applying the Lens to the Visual: Finding One's Way into Large Data Sets | Peg Knight
  • #arthistory: Mining Social Media to Historicize the Contemporary | Spencer Keralis
  • Supporting the Big and the Boutique: Visualizing Digital Humanities and Digitizing Visual Culture | Liz Grumbach

Video Presentation

How the Web Was Won: Collaborative Approaches to Web Archiving
Moving the Needle: Advancing the Profession Through Publishing

Video Presentation

Doing Digital Art History: Redefining Art Librarianship
Telling Stories: Regional Artists and Their Art
Collaborations Abroad: Success Stories from International Art Libraries
Blazing New Trails in Library Architecture
Known Unknowns and Unknown Knowns: Privacy, Secrets, and the Limitations of Archives
New Voices in the Profession

Video Presentation

Beyond the Page: Wrangling Alternative Formats
Focus on the Learner: Strategies for Improving PowerPoint Presentations
  • Focus on the Learner: Strategies for Improving PowerPoint Presentations | Lee A. Hilyer
Place-Based Discovery: Broadening Access with Geolocation
Data & Geospatial Research Support for Architecture
  • Data & Geospatial Research Support for Architecture | Josh Been

Video Presentation

Linked Open Data: Interconnectivity Amplified
Multi-National Perspectives on the Future of Collection Development
President's Choice: A Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts: How It Will Help the Visual Arts Community
Postcards From the Edge VIII: I Didn’t Know Urban Planning Was About …
Found in Translation: Controlled Vocabularies in Other Languages
Photographers' Self-Publishing: Contexts for Collecting Contemporary Photobooks




Collecting the New Arcadian Journal at Art Libraries in America | Karyn Hinkle

What's Your Story?: The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center Oral History Project | Eumie Imm Stroukoff

The N Project: Leveraging Social Media to Promote Collection Material | Dan McClure

The Case Study of an Art Librarian in a Medical School | Amy Andres

The Artist and the Librarian Project: How to Think Like an Artist in the Library | Sarah Burris

Inspired Archives: Introducing Students to the Visual Culture of a University | Katie Greer

Ask an Expert: Lessons Learned from Repackaging Reference for Exhibition Spaces | Matthew Gengler

Are You Close Enough?: Libraries and Embedded Digital Humanities | Sara Outhier

Database-Driven: Exploring the Underlying Symmetry between New Media Theory and Library Science | Emilee Mathews & Sylvia Page

Art and Design Book Club: An Outreach and Engagement Tool, UT Austin Fine Arts Library | Becca Pad & Laura Schwartz

Incorporating the Scholar's Voice in Discovery: Metadata Integration with Google Forms | Gary Ginther

Teach, Learn, Use, Create: Versatile Design for the Architecture Library | Sara DeWaay

Tumblr Enriches Exposure [to] and Use of Art Special Collections | Lindsay Keating & Deborah Ultan Boudewyns

The Role of the Library in the Research-Creation Process of Fine Arts Undergraduate Students at the University of Victoria | Tad Suzuki

Multimedia Resources Statistics: Understanding Usage of Non-Text Resources | Jennifer Hoyer, Katie O'Connell & Elizabeth Schneider

Bringing the Outside Inside: Brazilian Graffiti and "String Literature" on the Walls Are Not Your Typical Art in the Library Exhibit | Christiane Erbolato-Ramsey & Harold B. Lee Library

Expanding Art History for the Digital Age: Digital Humanities in the Visual Resources Center | Lynn Cunningham

Brand Library & Art Center Renovation Project | Alyssa Resnick & Cathy Billings

Fresh Off the (Closed) Shelf: The Banff Centre Library's Transition to an Open Stack Artists' Books Collection | Nicole Lovenjak

The Better to See You With: The University of North Texas Libraries' Artists' Book Competition | Julie Judkins & Morgan Gieringer

The "Aha!" Moment: Library Support for the Cognitive Process of Creativity | Carla-Mae Crookendale

The Alexander M. Troup Collection: One Collection, Countless Disciplines | Emily Aparicio & Amanda Montgomery

The Materials Laboratory as a Teaching Tool | Kasia Leousis

Using the Unique: Emory's Archives Research Program | Kim Collins

Design Students Unlock Open Access | Sarah Polkinghorne

The Gernsheim Photographic Corpus of Drawings: Plans for an Expert Tagging Space | James Shulman

Omeka and the Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus: Two-step or Shootout? An Experiment towards Linked Open Data | Alison Larson

Something Old and Something New: Building a Special Collection of Artists' Books | Anna Korus & Roxy Garstad

Please See Attached: The Challenges of Collecting PDF Exhibition Catalogs at the Thomas J. Watson Library | Andrea Puccio & Tina Lidogoster

Web Archiving Comics at the Library of Congress | Megan Halsband

Using the Durationator Technology to Conduct Copyright Searches | Elizabeth Townsend Gard

RAW Beauty: Data Visualization with RAW from DensityDesign | Helen Lane

Testing the Waters: Harnessing the Power of Technology in the Virtual Conference Environment | Luke Leither

The Roman Forum and Beyond: Developing Mobile Applications to Study the Built Environment with Early Architectural Publications | Viveca Pattison Robichaud

Using Piktochart to Create Presentations and Infographics | Ellen Tisdale

Using OpenRefine for Exploring Library Collections | Mary Wahl



ARLIS/NA Career Mentoring Workshop | Jessica Shaykett & Heather Slania

Lassoing Attention, Corralling the Class: Mindfulness-Based Pedagogy for the One-Shot | Deborah Ultan Boudewyns, Lindsay Keating, & Jill E. Luedke

Think Big: Considering Large-Scale Digitization | Drew Krewer, Teresa Soleau, Luciano Johnson, & Neil Sreenan

The Art of DH: An Introduction to Digital Humanities Tools for Art Librarians | Sarah Osborne Bender, Sarah Falls, ‎& Jenna Rinalducci

Artists’ Books [Everywhere]: Creating an Innovative Reference Tool for Your Region | Michelle Strizever


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