Moderator: Margot Nishimura
Listserv: adsl

For a list of former moderators, see the ARLIS/NA Policy Manual, Section E.5.B.

The Art and Design School Library Division was established in 1986, and seeks to identify and promote issues of interest to art librarians working in institutions that teach and train artists and designers.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Art and Design School Library Division is to highlight the unique characteristics of library service to art and design students and faculty and offer a forum for art and design school librarians to discuss their concerns and problems, to expand their professional knowledge and awareness, and to share their development and experience. 

Topics of special relevance to art and design school librarians are the development of standards, library advocacy in a studio setting, and the organization of non-print and special materials. 

The Division furthers its purpose by contributing to ARLIS/NA publications, holding an annual business meeting, and facilitating discussion on art and design school related topics throughout the year via email and the Division's web page. The Division and/or its individual members may sponsor programs at the annual conference. 

The Division membership elects a Vice Moderator at the annual business meeting, and the Vice Moderator assists the Moderator with Division business and activities and succeeds the Moderator in office. The Division may choose to elect two co vice-moderators to share the responsibilities of the position and collaborate throughout the year. If this is the case, the two co vice-moderators would then both succeed the Moderator in office. The Moderator/s conduct Division business, chair the annual business meeting, and appoint a recorder for Division meetings or activities, a Division column editor, and a conference planner.