Co-Moderators: Kai Alexis Smith and Stephanie Beene
Listserv: ARCHSEC-L

The Architecture Section of ARLIS/NA was established in 1975 as the Architecture Special Interest Group. The section is composed of those ARLIS/NA members who are interested in the documentation of architecture, its allied arts, and their history. This includes the acquisition, organization, retrieval, and circulation of architectural and allied arts resources, both in print and non-print formats, including architectural drawings. In 2020 the section was expanded to incorporate the Urban Planning SIG and its mission under a revised name.

Our Mission

The main activities of the group are focused on the presentation of sessions on these topics at the annual ARLIS/NA conference and the compilation of information on these subjects via Art Documentation and ARLIS/NA Update. The primary purpose of the Architecture and Planning Section is to support professional development and communication for those interested in the documentation of architecture and its allied arts.


Officers (under revision):
  • Co-Moderators are elected by the membership of the division, section or round table. A Moderator may appoint a Conference Planner , Sub-Committee or Task Force as needed. Column Editor: Appointed by moderator or coordinator.
  • The vice-moderator becomes Moderator at the conclusion of the business meeting at the annual conference. Vice-Moderator is elected by the end of the business meeting at the annual conference. ARLIS/NA Web Site News Contributor, by end of the business meeting at the annual conference.
  • Term of office is one year; midyear appointments are made at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Resignation procedure: If the Moderator chooses to resign, s/he must send a letter of resignation to ARLIS/NA Vice-President.
  • Each new moderator receives a background packet which includes:
    • Files of the previous moderator or coordinator;
    • ARLIS/NA annual calendar;
    • A copy of these guidelines;
    • Minutes of the most recent meeting;
    • Information about current projects.
  • Planning of conference sessions;
  • Production of articles of information for the Society's communications;
  • Projects of relevance to the group's members;
  • Communicate needs of section members to Board Liaison and communicate Board decisions and activities to section members;
  • Communicate with other groups (committees, sections, divisions, round tables, etc.) as necessary.

Copies of any correspondence such as forms, form letters, announcements, and surveys are to be sent to the Vice-President and Executive Director. The content and distribution plan for all survey instruments must be approved by the Executive Board before distribution to the society membership.

  • Reports to the Society:
    Information and articles of interest are to be submitted to ARLIS/NA News & Features Editor and the ARLIS/NA Web Site Editor according to the guidelines and deadlines of those communication vehicles.
  • Reports to the Executive Board:
    The moderator submits annual and midyear reports to the Executive Board according to ARLIS/NA calendar. These reports should include separate written reports by the chairs of any constituent subcommittees or task forces.
Annual Conference:

One business meeting is planned and scheduled by the moderator or coordinator at the annual conference. The group may sponsor and plan one or more sessions for the annual conference subject to the approval of the conference planners. An orientation meeting for incoming division, section, and round table leaders and the Vice President may be held at the annual conference.


The Executive Board annually reserves a set amount for the general expenses of divisions and sections for which these groups may apply. Additional sums may be requested for special projects at the discretion of the Executive Board. The moderator or coordinator submits budget requests for conference sessions to the Conference Chair according to established conference guidelines.

Files & Record Keeping:

The moderator or coordinator maintains files and records and passes non-archival records on to the succeeding moderator. Copies of all official business are sent to Vice President and the Executive Director. Recorders are appointed by the moderator or coordinator to take minutes of conference sessions.


The moderator or coordinator is responsible for preserving all materials of possible archival value. All such materials, including official correspondence and reports, will be deposited in the Society's archives as determined by ARLIS/NA policy.

Summary of Architecture-Related Sessions at Past Conferences

For a complete list of conferences, sessions, and proceedings, please visit the ARLIS/NA Conferences page

2017: New Orleans, Louisiana

2016: Seattle, Washington 

2015: Fort Worth, Texas

2014: Washington, District of Columbia

2013: Pasadena, California

2012: Toronto, Ontario

2011: Minneapolis, Minnesota

2010: Boston, Massachusetts

Other Societies & Associations

  • AASL - Association of Architecture School Librarians
  • ACSA - Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
  • AIA - American Institute of Architects
  • APA - American Planning Association
  • ASID - American Society of Interior Designers
  • ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects
  • CIDA - Council for Interior Design Accreditation
  • NAAB - National Architectural Accrediting Board
  • SAH - Society of Architectural Historians 



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