ARLIS/NA mentoring programs are managed by the Professional Development Committee’s Mentoring Subcommittee.

ARLIS/NA Year-Long Mentoring Program

The Year-Long Mentoring Program matches ARLIS/NA members in a year-long formal mentoring relationship. Participation in a mandatory workshop at the annual conference gives mentors and mentees the tools necessary to create and maintain a successful relationship. Mentoring pairs communicate monthly by phone or Skype.

For information on the history of the Year-Long Mentoring Program (formerly the Career Mentoring Program), see:

  • Hass, V. Heidi and Tony White. "Mentorship Task Force Report, Professional Development Committee, ARLIS/NA." Art Documentation 24, no. 2 (Fall 2005): 49-56.
  • Hass, V. Heidi and Tony White. “Looking Forward, Looking Back: The ARLIS/NA Year-Long Mentoring Program.” Art Documentation 27, no. 2 (Fall 2008): 59-61.

ARLIS/NA Conference Guides Program

The Conference Networking Program matches first-time conference attendees with experienced ARLIS/NA members, to help newcomers get the most out of the conference. For first time attendees, this is a great way to learn about ARLIS/NA and meet new colleagues. For ARLIS/NA veterans, it is an opportunity to make a significant impact on the Society at a personal level. Veterans are expected to contact newcomers prior to the conference, meet with them the first or second day at the conference, discuss the structure and workings of the Society, give conference-attending tips, and introduce them to new colleagues and exhibitors whenever possible during the conference. This networking program spans the duration of the conference.

ARLIS/NA Chapter Mentoring Program

Modeled after the Year-Long Mentoring Program and implemented at the Chapter level, the Chapter Mentoring Program provides a formal mentoring structure for ARLIS/NA members at any point in their careers. The Mentoring Subcommittee provides materials and support to the Chapter Mentoring Liaisons who run the Chapter mentoring programs. 

Chapter Contact
Canada Suzanne Rackover
Central Plains Andrea Degener
Mid-Atlantic Stephanie Grimm
Midstates Jamie Lausch Vander Broek
Montréal-Ottawa-Québec Simon Barry 
Mountain West Amanda Meeks 
New England Olivia Miller Piepmeier
New York City Rebecca Clark
Northern California Kathryn Wayne
Northwest/Canada Carly Diab 
Ohio Valley Stephanie Kays

Kate Johnson 

Southeast Peter Klubek
Southern California  Jennifer Kishi
Texas-Mexico Sunyoung Park 
Twin Cities Beth Goodrich
Upstate New York Kari Horowicz 

 Interested in launching a mentoring program in your Chapter? Contact the Mentoring Subcommittee.