ARLIS/NA First-time Attendee Guide

First thing: Once the Sched is available, download the Sched App on your smartphone or device to download the conference schedule

  • Once the program is available, you can print the program by clicking on the "How to Print Schedule" under the “Program” tab
  • Consider creating a personal schedule or “track” for yourself ahead of time, to avoid being overwhelmed

Not-To-Miss Useful Information About The Conference

  • Reception for First-time Attendees, New Members, and International Guests
    Meet the ARLIS/NA President, members of the Executive Board and Membership Committee, and other new members like you!
  • Membership Meeting
    Learn who’s who in the ARLIS/NA leadership, where future conferences will be, goals of the organization, etc.
  • Welcome Reception
    Informal time to mingle, view the artwork, and enjoy the refreshments.
  • Tours
    Sign up for at least one tour. It’s a good way to meet other members, it’s enriching, and some are very inexpensive.
  • Workshops
    Register for a workshop to learn and discuss innovative and more in-depth topics, with hands on or interactive experience.
  • Convocation & Reception
    The Convocation is a formal program with the presentation of awards, special tributes, and honors. Following is a reception and another opportunity to mingle with colleagues, visit a local museum, and enjoy refreshments.
  • Sessions
    Go to sessions related to your job, and consider attending the meeting of the Division or Section that best matches your responsibilities: Academic, Museum, Art & Design School, Visual Resources, Architecture, Cataloging, or Research & Information Services. Similarly, consider attending other sessions that aren’t! They might just inspire you to look at your work in new and interesting ways.
  • Chapter Meetings
    Be sure to attend your local chapter meeting. Great opportunity for service and to meet art librarians in your area.
  • SIG Meetings (Special Interest Group).
    Go to their meetings, you don’t need to be a member to find out what they are discussing.
  • Connecting with ArLiSNAP
    If you’re new to the profession or the organization, consider connecting with ArLiSNAP (Art Library Students & New ARLIS Library Professionals). They sponsor sessions, workshops, events, and have a great JobList.


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