Leave a lasting legacy to ARLIS/NA.

The Keystone: Building the ARLIS/NA Legacy Community

Throughout its history, members of the Art Libraries Society of North America have unselfishly contributed their time, talents and funds to the Society’s growth, vitality and strength. Individually and collectively, its members are always looking for ways to advance the arts and design librarianship and visual resources management within and beyond their professional communities.

Now, The Keystone gives ARLIS/NA members, sponsors, and Society friends a new planned giving opportunity to build and ensure the proud legacy of ARLIS/NA in the years to come.

Just as a keystone is the central stone at the summit of an arch that locks the whole structure together, The Keystone is the linchpin for interlocking the Society’s mission, values and vision for its present and future members.

No matter what your age, career stage, or institutional affiliation, an ARLIS/NA planned gift as a member of The Keystone offers you the opportunity to leave a valuable, lasting legacy to the Society without giving up assets now.

The Keystone planned giving opportunities include:

Name ARLIS/NA as a Designated Beneficiary:

You can name ARLIS/NA as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy, retirement plan, or other estate plan. This can be done at any time as you plan for your future assets distribution. Each organization or annuity provider offers forms or other documentation to make such designation. Any beneficiary percentage or amount is welcome

Make a Bequest to ARLIS/NA:

Include ARLIS/NA in your will or living trust. Speak with your attorney, estate fiduciary, or legal counselor as to how to best represent the bequest. You can designate ARLIS/NA as the overall recipient for your gift without use restrictions or tailor your gift to provide a one-time or ongoing contribution to any of ARLIS/NA’s Support Opportunities.

Unfortunately, ARLIS/NA cannot accept any bequests that are material or property in-kind gifts.    

For more information about The Keystone or to discuss your ARLIS/NA planned giving goals, please contact the Development Committee Chair.