Support ARLIS/NA and its chapters through your purchases below.


ARLIS/NA is a participant in the AmazonSmile program. Funded through the philanthropic arm of, AmazonSmile allows non-profit organizations to receive donations from Amazon when people designate that organization as their selected beneficiary. ARLIS/NA will get .5% of the price of eligible purchases made through AmazonSmile by users who have designated ARLIS/NA as their chosen non-profit. Prices are the same as regular Amazon when shopping through AmazonSmile. The donations made to ARLIS/NA are not tax deductible for the purchaser because the AmazonSmile Foundation is the one making the contributions, taking the cut out of the purchase price rather than adding a donation amount on top of the regular price.

It's simple to get started using AmazonSmile. You can either go directly to the ARLIS/NA AmazonSmile landing page to start your shopping and sign in with your regular Amazon account or go to the main AmazonSmile landing page log in, search for the Art Libraries Society of North American, and select us as your designated beneficiary. Thereafter, you’ll need to start your Amazon shopping at for us to get the donation, but once you sign in, you don’t need to reiterate that you intend to support ARLIS/NA. When signed in to Smile with a beneficiary designated, you’ll see some text towards the top left of your screen: "Supporting: Art Libraries Society of North America." You can find more on the program on the About AmazonSmile page.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Shop at Café Press

Through Café Press, ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic has a print-on-demand shop so that ARLIS/NA members can buy products with the ARLIS/NA logo while also supporting our organization. The shop includes a number of products, such as water bottles, coffee mugs, caps, flasks, t-shirts, car magnets, messenger bags, call number posters, and more. Prices reflect the Café Press base price plus a modest mark-up, resulting in around 16% profit to ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic from each sale.